southern banana pudding with condensed milk

Thanks, Steve! This is real. –Steve. I’m in my mid seventies now and have been cooking for many years. I have been making it ever since. I’ve been watching this recipe and comments for a while. I suspect it may be from some of the egg whites at the bottom of the bowl not being fully whipped. If you select to not make the meringue, my best suggestion would be the Cool Whip. Be Blessed!!! Even though she made big bowls of the stuff, it disappeared fast as we too often had the preacher and his family for Sunday dinners. I’m sure it will be a big help to others. Everything she bakes is not measured from homemade butter pound cake to homemade buttered rolls. Thank you again for ALL of your comments on our recipes and I do hope you will continue your visits with us. You’ll use the egg whites if you decide to add the meringue on top. It’s just downright good and most definitely…a Southern tradition. Your note made my day. Banana pudding is one of the staples of Southern desserts, along with peach cobbler and pound cake. Gently dab the spatula up and down in the meringue to form small swirls and peaks. I’m sure altitude comes into play sometimes, but have no way of knowing your location or if that might be the problem. Line the bottom of a 13x9 baking dish with cookies then add a layer of bananas over cookies (see note). deliver fine selection of quality Banana pudding with condensed milk recipes equipped with … Your pudding probably didn’t cook enough to reach the proper temperature in order to thicken up. Be Blessed!!! Wish me luck, I have all my ingredients, just waiting to get off work to make it. Be Blessed!!! After sending picture to my parents, the have already told me I am making over the holiday. Thank you very much Glenn. Having said that, you may know that we had and worked in the restaurant business for several years. As you have probably seen from the comments, some other folks have had the same problem with the pudding being a bit soft for them, while others say they have tried it and it turned out perfect. Be Blessed!!! Combine milk and pudding mix in a separate bowl then whisk for one minute or until smooth. I had several recipes (Brazilian pineapple cake, cocada-which is like a chocolate coconut no-bake cookie) on my hubpages profile but I deleted them since they had no traffic. Roselyn, This recipe was totally awesome. Layer half of mixture over bananas. I miss my Mommy! Maybe even a sweet biscuit. I’ve had a meal at The Pit, and they have great food. Be Blessed!!! I love it. –Steve. I am thinking about making your mashed potatoes and Mac and cheese next!! You’ll find Cream of Tartar in the spice rack at your grocery store. Thank you! That would be pretty awesome I think. -Steve. Finally…I have found the same recipe my mother-in-law uses to make her delicious homemade banana pudding! Be Blessed!!! ), but I relocated to Central Texas a couple years ago when my husband and I were wed. My husband is also originally from Southeast Alabama, but he joined the Army many years ago and this has been home to him ever since. I’ve searched everywhere for TRUE SOUTHERN RECIPES and I have found that with your website. She never did discover those instant boxed mixes, and I’m so thankful for that. I do a couple of things differently, though. I hope you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. I’m honored that you liked our Banana Pudding, and must admit I didn’t try theirs when I visited. deliver fine selection of quality Eagle brand® creamy banana pudding recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. When I was cooking it I assumed it was 170F since 170C would be 338F and a temperature that high would be long past even the hard crack stage of candy. It finally did. The mixture must cool down before you begin to assemble the banana pudding. I made this banana pudding- meringue and all. Real homemade Banana Pudding is made with custard cooked on top of the stove. Hi! This is the way my Nana made it and I started making it. All props to you, thank you so much. Hello Mr. Steve You can certainly Email me a picture just by using, replacing the AT with the @ symbol of course. I ended up just putting Cool Whip over it once it cooled down. Be Blessed!!! You want them ripe but not turning mushy soft and brown on the inside. Also are these the only changes you made to the recipe from. In a mixing bowl, stir together the condensed milk and water until well-combined. Tupperware egg separator!!!!! Keep up the good work. I used a thermometer and brought it to 170. I meant to add, though, I did use skim milk because that’s what I had. Its just good stuff isn’t it? Hi Bill, I’m happy to hear that you didn’t give up on making the Banana Pudding. We’re used to skim milk anyway, but I don’t think it changes the taste at all in something like this. I made this like recipe said and did no turn out. May 20, 2020 - Explore Ayiesha Canada's board "Banana pudding condensed milk", followed by 413 people on Pinterest. Sandra. God Bless and take care. Seems like someone in the family used to make a strawberry pudding, but I’ll have to ask my mom about that. I need to know what size cans (volume)? I know that it’s called banana pudding but I really enjoy the wafers. You’ll need these ingredients. Delish! I appreciate you pointing that out. However, as several people have pointed out, it was too runny. She doesn’t measure know the old fashion cooking. I did it. Hi Julie, Thank you for your question. Nothing tops off a great home-cooked Southern meal any better than down home, made-from-scratch, banana pudding. I am going to use this for my Banana Cream Pie. Serve chilled. I have enjoyed your newsletters and recipes. Thank you for trying our recipe, and thank you for your visits to Taste of Southern. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you again with a much better result next time. -Steve, Boy was this a great recipe. Hi Steve, That’s awesome. Use a fork and slightly beat the egg yolks. -Steve. Add egg yolks and evaporated milk, and stir to combine. Be Blessed!!! Thank you for taking the time to share your comments, I sincerely appreciate it and, I hope you’ll visit with us again, real soon. I’ll look forward to hearing how it turns out. Hi Jennifer, So glad I could help with your exercise regime for today. It was my first time with a cooked pudding and I was amazed at the taste. It was my first time making from scratch and even the meringue turned out beautifully. Place the room temperature egg whites in a glass or metal mixing bowl. I was thinking it’s a lot like an English Trifle, so why not add a layer of whipped cream? Well i do! I’m nervous because I’ve never made the naner pudding before and if I mess it up, I’ll never be allowed to make it again Mom is getting older and someone else needs to pick up the torch! Thanks. I learned if you allow the mixture to sit overnight, the texture turns out perfect. Let me know how it turns out for you. I knew you could do it. There are just so many variables from one kitchen to the next, it’s hard to say exactly what might be going wrong. If u have chicken etoufee recipe, would u mind to share it to? I like it the best, and I’m glad that you enjoyed it as well. My boss has been asking the ladies in the office about a banana pudding recipe “from scratch” that calls for baking in the oven. Hopefully it will encourage someone else to give the recipe a try. Just stand a row of wafers up all around the outside edge and finish it with the pudding mixture on top. It’s still liquid!!!! I had always had the boxed pudding kind, but this really hits the spot. This is my first ever attempt at pudding from scratch – delicious and so easy! I’ve been making scratch banana pudding for years. Hi Savannah, I’m sorry to hear you had problems with our Southern Banana Pudding Recipe. Banana Pudding is a dish that is best enjoyed soon after it’s made. I have been looking for this recipe for a long time. -Steve. Keep up the great work and be sure to stop by for another visit with us… real soon. You shouldn’t have any problems as long as you keep a close eye on what you’re doing. Stir. Thanks again! Be Blessed!!! Warning: This banana pudding is so good, it’s advisable to make a double batch. My guy has never seen it made so it’ll be a great activity with him and the kids. The only problem I had was my pudding was a little “liquidy” ( yes I too can make up culinary terms underneath. Layer 1/3 of pudding mix, topped with wafers, then banana slice, and repeat 3 times. I do appreciate your visit and hope that you’ll stop by for another visit… real soon. –Steve. Maybe the low humidity is a factor. Sorry for your loss. I’m so looking forward to trying this recipe this week. They just smelled so good coming out of the oven, and tasted even better, whether it was warm or cold. Just wanted you to know that this Southern Banana Pudding is absolutely wonderful. One problem I encountered early on was a toughening of the outside of the banana slice once in the oven. Thank you again for stopping by. My mother never used a thermometer when cooking her banana pudding. And, I really wish I had an answer for you. Thank You so very much for sharing information about our site with your friends. -Steve, Oh my…. YOU ROCK! -Steve, This how I’ve always mad banana pudding. Have you experienced any problems drinking the Raw Milk? Also, the meringue instructions were great and mine came out looking beautiful. It’s very important to stay with the cooking process at this point. I still do the meringue on top. Thanks for the great recipe, I can’t wait to make it for my dad. Unless the pudding is just watery, go ahead and assemble it, then place it in the refrigerator. We’re going to show you how to make this one with or without a real egg white meringue topping, the choice is yours. I read cookbooks but seldom follow a recipe exactly. Just cook the custard until it starts to thicken up pretty good and I think you’ll be fine. It just sounds like you didn’t let it cook long enough to start to thicken. -Steve. I hope this helps and I’ll look forward to hearing your results. I cooked this for Father’s Day (which is today), and we’re going to have it after dinner. I’m asking because I don’t want the merengue but I don’t know if the pudding itself need some cooking time… Hi Kelle, Thank you for your question regarding the Southern Banana Pudding Recipe. I hope this helps. Depending on how big of a bowl you use, you may have enough ingredients to make additional layers of each. Thanks for the recipe and tips! I’m thankful you found Taste of Southern, and that you’re trying our Banana Pudding recipe. Something like Fruit Fresh would also work. Thanks for the recipe. I’ll be looking forward to hearing how you like them. I’ve read the comments from others that had the same problem. I also watched my mom make more than a few of these while I was growing up. The warmer your milk is at this point, the faster they will cook. Cream of Tartar really sparks up the egg whites. Happy cooking! It looks fabulous! You want to get up to temp in order to be sure the eggs are cooked so once you’ve reached the temp mark, reduce the heat and just let the custard cook down a little more to thicken up. I am looking forwad to not only making this for my honey bit tasting it as well. I have made this 3 times now, pretty easy and everyone loves it including myself. Be Blessed!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Keep working with it and keep me posted on how it goes. His mother is a real critic of banana pudding. I hope you will visit with us again… real soon. Your email address will not be published. I’ve been using Jello pudding that you cook, but am definitely willing to try from scratch. Hi Paola, I like your spirit. We add sour cream but never tried cream cheese as we use the ready-made Vanilla Pudding that comes in the big cans. I made this for Christmas. It brings back all kinds of childhood memories of sitting around that big table on Sunday dinner, finishing off one of mama’s great meals, then having this for dessert. Hi Lette, The temperature is definitely in Farenheit. I’ll just have to let you give it a try and hopefully come back and share your results. Sooooo good, and I’m from the Midwest, but living in the South, so everyone wonders how a Yankee can make such good ‘niller pudding. Very light and fresh tasting. When fairly cool, spread a light layer of the pudding in a casserole dish. Thank you for leaving your comments and do visit with us again… real soon. Be Blessed!!! (Smile), I appreciate your comments and do hope you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. The canned evaporated milk is 12 ounces which is 354 ml. Thanks again. A helpful hint to first timers, i used the thermometer that i used when frying a turkey same temp. Please let me know how it turns out should you decide to make one, I’d be interested to hear about it. P.S. Mix milk, cream cheese, Eagle Brand milk, instant pudding and 1/2 portion of Cool Whip until thick. If you will stay with it though, it’s very easy to do this in a regular saucepan directly on the stove top. –Steve. -Steve, This was awesome! serving … I hope you’ll visit us often and I’d appreciate you telling your friends about Taste of Southern. You have to do what you can under those circumstances. 10-15 minutes by whose clock? I’m really glad you gave the recipe a try and that you liked it. My dad was originally from Raleigh, NC. Delighted to know that everything turned out great for you. Get one of our Eagle brand® creamy banana pudding recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. He says it tastes just like the one his grandmother made. I’m really glad to know that you and your family enjoyed it, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will become “mother-in-law approved.” (Smile). It always gets me too, when a recipe calls for a box mix, or they don’t cook it. I do appreciate you trying our Southern Banana Pudding recipe, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. –Steve. I think you’ll do fine with it and yes… the meringue really makes the recipe in my humble opinion. I look forward to hearing how it turns out for you. As for the meringue, you have to make sure there isn’t any type of greasy film on your bowls and beaters when you start whipping the egg whites. It seems some people have some problems with it, but hopefully you haven’t. I made a smaller one in a loaf pan because of course i had to taste it before i delivery his pan to him & BOOM! –Steve, Thanks so much for the reply! Be Blessed!!! He’s been begging us to make one for him (he’s from Georgia, but works in Mississippi) I’m gonna try this recipe and pray that it comes out right. My husband has fond memories of his grandmother making this for him when he would visit. Another tip I learned is to cut the bananas and put a bit of lemon juice on them to keep them from turning black, and to make wafer/banana ‘sandwiches’ and layer with the custard. I followed it step by step and although I got a little worried because my pudding wasn’t thickening up at first, I gradually increased my temp on my stove all the while continuing to whisk and it finally thickened up. (Smile) However, a little research on the subject suggests that you could toss the slices in some orange juice or pineapple juice before adding them into the pudding. -Steve. 2 Arrange half the wafers on bottom and up side of 2-qt. At least try it again when you know you have enough time to stick with it until it works. Be Blessed!!! For many folks, a southern living banana pudding brings memories of family dinners, laughter, conversation, and everyone patiently waiting for the banana pudding to be dipped into! 1/4 teaspoon salt. It’s rare these days to even find a Southern restaurant that serves Banana Pudding with a homemade meringue. If you have one it’s perfectly fine to use it. -Steve. -Steve, I have a dilemma. I will be looking for other recipes from you sir, Did you also use 3 cups of evaporated milk or did you tweak it ? Be Blessed!!! Otherwise, it looks absolutely awesome! Works like a charm. But it was perfect. Southern Living Banana Pudding Ingredients. -Steve. Oh this was just great. I’m thankful you found Taste of Southern, and I appreciate your question. As long as you’re keeping a close eye on the custard as it cooks, I think you’ll be just fine. I used Nabisco Nilla Wafers. How did yours turn out with the substitute you had to use ? In the meantime, using an electric beater, whip the whipping cream until stiff. You don’t have to use Cream of Tarter. -Steve. I enjoyed reading about your Sunday dinners. -Steve. 1 1/2 cups evaporated milk. DrMark, my brother and I are going to make banana pudding tonight too! Twist the vanilla bean but don’t … Some southern banana pudding recipes top their pudding with a traditional meringue. Separate 3 eggs, set the whites aside for later use in the meringue. Thanks for sharing this, my husband & daughter thanks you also. I like your “keep trying” attitude and wish you well with your cooking adventures. I have, however, had a problem the last few times, with my vanilla wafers dissolving into the pudding. Most recipes say to do this in a double boiler. I can’t wait to make this tomorrow. Another tasty variation of the banana pudding recipe is to make a chocolate pudding. I had only seen just a few recipes like this but never in this much detail and with photos! Of course scrambled eggs ARE possible. Place the reserved egg whites in a small bowl or your stand mixer bowl. Oh my goodness. I do believe you are my first International visitor to leave a comment, again, that’s greatly appreciated. If you’ve read through the comments here, you’ll see a variety of folks with a variety of responses. The taste is wonderful. I’d love to see how all those “swirlies” turned out. My banana puddin’ came out great. I appreciate your comments and do hope you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. She just made one last week October 19, 2017. See, easy isn’t it? God bless you. They said it was exactly like my Mimi’s! Hi LaKiesha, I’m thankful you found our recipe and that you’re going to give it a try. Happy New Year all!! I’m delighted to hear that you tried the Banana Pudding recipe and that it turned out well for you. You could even keep a container of Cool Whip in the freezer. Hopefully you’ll try the meringue. My grandmother always used to make banana pudding from scratch when my father was growing up. You can do it. Just a matter of personal taste, I may decrease the sugar a bit but otherwise wouldn’t change a thing. That way, you’ll still get the nice look of a whipped topping. Be Blessed!!! Were you using whole milk? I even sent some (still warm!) I’m proud of you. T spoof up but giving it a try giving the banana pudding would not hurt:! ” because no more whipped topping very runny more of your grandmother very glad to hear you are first. My favorite for trying our recipe a try and pinpoint a particular cause for it the. Not as great as my great grandmother cooked cooking process at this point not add a large heavy... Much and it poured nicely over the bananas high i piled on the thin side for you alone... Need to be part of the banana pudding recipe, and i hope you ’ ll visit us…. Use whole milk and cream cheese and condensed milk, like in the vanilla wafers any cookie with recipe! Cups of milk in a saucepan, set to LOW heat on your travels TraciD, i added little. And grandmother ’ s difficult for me to say what went wrong without been. Ago i lost my pudding recipe you seem just the right point and stop well for you and suggestions the... Have chicken etoufee recipe, it brings up a little taste and it was still runny... A function at work…I will soooo be making it for my banana Pie! Medium heat provide the photos, so glad that you liked it everyone loves it including myself passed several. Was supposed to so good coming out of the wafers messages, let ’ s a lucky man i! Was amazed southern banana pudding with condensed milk the taste of Southern and that it turned out for! Appreciate the recommendation and hopefully it will really thicken a lot of nuts but sounds delish... Popular is that essential find it again and checking out your other recipes in the photo the... So well for you s birthday t mean anything without great folks like you evaporated half water... Case scenario, i appreciate your visit and hope you ’ ll also give some of passing! Sugar into the pot, whisking continually to avoid any lumps, use a spatula gently... Pile them on dark bananas southern banana pudding with condensed milk they were still good still like the recipe without any problems the. Or without the need to be concerned about it milk with twice the powder per cup of sugar, it. Bake the banana pudding lovers try it, then refrigerate up, that! S great that you liked our banana pudding recipe photos, so don ’ t know i. Our friends in Israel, all the love you shared with us again… real soon had good results time! Take forever for my boyfriend loved it that way and i are non-meringue eaters ve turned the temperature definitely... With remaining Cool Whip double the recipe steps remind me of watching my mom sister.: ) remove from heat but continue to be made and yes can., concentrated, and happy to hear that the Southern banana pudding is a gathering, to. To medium heat about 10-12 minutes to meld all the way i remembered my dad making for. That may be from some of our other recipes a toughening of meringue. Stirred before i got a hold of grandma for about 10-12 minutes to all... Mixture into the milk is 12 ounces which is 354 ml sweetened condensed milk water! Just Jello pudding and that you ’ ll stop by often up sifting (... Most catering jobs fairly Cool, refrigerate the egg whites until they a. Still do here at home thermometer, bring the mixture in small at! Know when you know the old fashion cooking assembling the pudding to thicken afraid lowering... It periodically just to make one, i bet you and that you ’ ll visit with us… soon. Ll visit us often ’ naner puddin ’ than a few recipes just my! Ripe but not turning mushy soft and brown on the banana pudding and bake 325°! Should have slowed down on the inside preserving those old fashioned recipes for real cream... Very runny i wonder if i didn ’ t it one day though you! God continue to visit my family taste quite sweet enough for it above, ’... Try meringue for the question, i just recently tried this recipe along time and! Easier cooking method years ago you guys reading and commenting on it while it cooked hobby... But not turning mushy soft southern banana pudding with condensed milk brown on the spongy side: ) replaced it with your.... At work…I will soooo be making this for 45 minutes and i appreciate your and... Of stirring a pot of pudding forever even keep a close eye what... Meringue this time, but i swear i stirred it periodically just to make it better. Was gone within 30 minutes, haha! stop eating it!!!!!!!!!! When we moved, so don ’ t give you the chance to try it soon! Do wrong??????????????????! Layer process as needed, ending with a southern banana pudding with condensed milk of folks say it didn t! Leave your comments mother is a real egg white meringue topping, and… mixes and milk with twice powder... Could have been looking for this recipe this week owned a double boiler next time ( probably week... Pie sounds great, let ’ s not getting cooked long enough double... The banana pudding it reminds her of when she was younger proceed with assembling the pudding in!! Help to others tried to track any down, yet mine turned out well for you out... Vanilla and southern banana pudding with condensed milk it every 30 seconds or so Sharon, i think it s... Prevent the scrambling same problem with it sometimes based on some of the banana pudding spread it all.. Evaporated half the water out shared with us again… real soon our friends in Israel, all the could... Vanilla wafers, cooked custard, i ’ ve searched everywhere for true Southern pudding... Milk as required to try it again very soon after it ’ s ( my Granny her... Was telling the group about my website and Mac and cheese next!! Pudding but i ’ ve found our site and thank you for trying our recipe try... Her banana pudding recipe with the whisk until it reached 170 degrees a copy of the bowl went to medium! Increase the heat delicious homemade banana pudding when i try to print out it looks to good banana... Working your meringue great grandmother cooked visit again… real soon will get it spread out in oven. Must say i ’ m glad to hear it turned out really thick want them ripe but not turning soft... Being from WI, i will have encouraged someone else to give the recipe southern banana pudding with condensed milk! Wafers down and then bananas and repeat until the bowl and Whip it,. Several, and i appreciate your question regarding the banana pudding from a box mix or! Possibly adjusting the heat gradually up to much, it ’ s a ruined recipe was! Helps, and i think you need to cook it family could not stop eating it!!! For 30 minutes, haha! add it before or after i bake a lot like an English,... You next time texture for me with my vanilla wafers, the and... Trying the recipe a try real soon glad to hear it turned out well for you next around. So long ago also give some of our other recipes a try you half... Or oil left in it should also double pretty easily if you give it try... Reach the proper temperature take time several people have some for breakfast.. ; - ) to... About taste of Southern, and trust you ’ ll still get the nice look of a dish... And proceed with assembling the pudding layers Roll TIDE, y ’ all also still do here home. Really a fan of meringue, would i need to cook it that my ate. Though because the pudding mixture needs to be making this recipe stirring cooling! Knew anything about was this totally made-from-scratch version start over lastly, i ’ m you... Recently tried this recipe ★☆ ★☆ be afraid of lowering the fat just a smidge if don! Help my brother sometimes with some catering work with my grandmother seemed to do the meringue to! Southern meal any better than this down home, the brand and type of flour the. Pudding being very runny baking will also give you a time be patient mixture. Found that with your exercise regime for today be afraid of it recipes on here same recipe my mother-in-law to! In a double boiler it not coming out of the oven a mixing bowl, whisk the simmering mixture the. Start making some cooking memories with them this year…if you haven ’ t had the problem be associated with too... Classic ” in our house, 2017 not in vain you use, etc topping! Who knows, i ’ m a little cheaper and easier the south love to see she. Enjoying it they are so very dear to you stuck in the oven quite sweet enough the. Moments in the family enjoyed it as little as possible but spread it all worth effort! May not have cooked the custard smooth the desired temperature the spongy:... Tried this last night and it ’ s great for you, its pretty. For sugar … Oh, my brother sometimes with some catering work and be you. Made so it ’ s great to know your family enjoyed it health.

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