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Good in most situations against any opponent competently plays the game as most of your high volume weapons don't have AP. It can also be used to keep your dudes safe from enemy shooting if you pop out of LoS blocking terrain, shoot, then hide again but this isn't all that great most of the time since you're still wasting a command point by doing that, and good lists you're up against are going to have artillery, fast units that will run down anyone hiding (in which case you've just ruined your Overwatch) or they'll be tough enough/numerous enough that hiding after shooting them is effectively a waste of a CP. All of Shadowsun's victories are marked by unrivalled efficiency, a trait not surprising from one of Commander Puretide's most promising pupils. Single. Rerollable 1's to wound with the flamer really boost its killing potential since most of the threats you'll use it on will be wounded on a 2 or 3+ roll. Perhaps okay for some Krootox though. Farsight Enclaves boost these guys immensely. Characters should provide your “basic” Markerlights in a Tau list- that is to say, the ML hits on the 2-4 units you will be aiming most of your guns at in a given turn. So finally – we have Tau weapons. How could Games Workshop rewrite this unit in order to make it much more appealing? They can't be spammed, but they usually run about 140 points, making their loss not as terrible as you would think. The suit is able to fire heavy weapons, use a jetpack for mobility(a common 40k tactic known as Jump-Shoot-Jump), and have various systems installed such as a drone controller. You are no longer able to shove them in a Devilfish per the latest FAQ. About abusepuppy AbusePuppy is the one who has been ruining 40K for everyone this whole time. Like Bork'an this is best suited to a gunline. Note that this buffs a unit, not model, so it works nicely on a pack of Broadsides. save. Recon Sweep (1 CP) – Use in the shooting phase when you shoot with a PATHFINDER. 18 slaughtered infantry or a good handful of wounds vs bigger targets. Crisis/Commander suit weapons are Assault, letting them Advance and still shoot. Equip the Crisis suits with whatever is most effective against the target you expect to use them on (Burst Cannons for Hordes/GEQs, Cyclic Ion Blasters for MEQs and Fusion Blasters for TEQs and Vehicles), but make sure to leave one hardpoint free for a Drone Controller. Remember the Sept Tenet? A note with the S4 attack option: It's a fixed weapon strength 4, while the other profile is user. Over 300 Terran years ago, O'Shaserra was a brilliant young warrior; her successes and matchle… Let’s take a more detailed look at the Ghostkeel, and how to use it in the new edition. Sure you have to be within 6" to actually get the benefits, but that's a situation you'll likely end up in given the range of the weapon. Their current tactics can be found here. Pro-tip: If you are against Custodes, use these as skirmishers. Vior'la allows you to fire your weapons after advancing without penalty. With the new Psychic Awakening buffs, this got some extra flexibility. Posted on 14.09.2019. The For the Greater Good special rule can make charging Tau castles a nightmare, particularly when paired with the T’au Sept giving units the ability to hit in Overwatch on a 5+. Also bodyguards the Yvahra battle suit well and clears out the hordes which may attempt to shield precious units from the Y'vahra's weaponry. But as a mobile, mid-board harassment unit, there’s something to be said for it. 40 strength 6 AP-2 shots anybody? This relic is all but guaranteed to pay for itself, assuming you spent 1 CP to take it and reasonably expect to spend at least 1 CP on a reroll during the game. IMHO Tau is the weakest race in DoW Dark Crusade. Two focus mainly on heavier infantry (MEQ and TEQ): Ob'lotai, Arra'kon. Viable Ta'unar play is risky, as you will lose the game if it dies (hard if you have at least 12 drones) or even if it gets charged (easy without screening) meaning you have to make the most optimized list that 800 will allow. Units of 5 are also perfect for filling troop choices: 5 man is 35 points (or 38 with a markerlight on the Sergeant), which is cheaper than a Guard infantry squad. Whenever you are buying Crisis suits, you should be buying this box. Note: While Aun'shi is great at murdering single wound units and still quite capable of killing heavily-armoured two wound units such as Terminators in a pinch, he is not a good duellist, as his attacks only have D1. Jack Harpster - March 14, 2019. Markerlight support is a must, and Tetra's are truly the best possible option to make it's Destroyer Missiles viable. It’s such a fantastic sculpt, and it would be great to see more variety on the tabletop. The new codex basically turned Tau into Imperial Guard armed with Eldar-grade equipment - it's practically suicide to charge a Tau gunline, especially with all the other disadvantages assault armies now have in the 8th edition meta. The Tau gain the ability to make bespoke Sept Tenets in The Greater Good by choosing two abilities from the list below: This deserves its own section, due to its importance to the army. Kroot Konga Line: Yeah, you can still do this. Though your marker lights should be doing that anyways. The typical Hunter Cadre will have anywhere up to six Fire Warrior Teams along with a number of Pathfinder, Stealthsuit and Crisis Battlesuit Teams. Vior'la Sept: Perhaps the only exception to Pulse rifles being superior to pulse carbines. Firesight Marksmen are worth their weight in gold. They are taught from birth to do one thing: move close as quickly as possible, and blast their enemies into paste. When making the comparison between the Imperial Volcano Cannon, it's the higher volume of shots (3 x DD3, as opposed to 2) that give it an advantage. With the native -1 to hit, and a 4++, the Ghostkeel starts to look more appealing as a defensive asset than an offensive one. Because of order of operations, you can give a model a projector, then this, then the relic projector Supernova Launcher just fine. Their utility lies not on their raw power but on their. Markerlights let you focus down single big targets effectively with your entire army. Welcome to Top Warhammer 40K Lists, where we take a look at three lists for a given faction and break down what makes them tick and how they fared.Every entry will be pulled from a recent GT, and we’ll be going over everything from who played the army to how likely the army in question is likely to continue to perform as the game evolves. The glottal stop of everyone trying to pronounce your new apostrophe. Another viewpoint: It really depends on the army you are facing. The high-energy fusion blaster is the type you know and love, best suited for busting tanks; the dispersed mode has slightly shorter range and strength and only does d3 damage, but the extra shot it fires makes it a bit more useful for taking on multiple MEQs at once (it retains the melta effect too). Avoid dedicated melee units like the plague. It provides durability to the pathfinders, and they provided the needed ballistic skill improvements to the gunrig. And with 5x marker hits, the gunrig should hit at least half the time, which with 2 shots, will make it as useful as a hammerhead would be. There's the money shot! On the tabletop, they play like the classic gunline, blasting anything they see to pieces, and anything that tries to get close will very soon find that charging basically is a second shooting phase for you. Everyone knows that T’au in 8th edition really only had one competitive list — Riptides, Commanders, and Drone spam — and while it’s too early in the edition to predict how a competitive T’au army is going to look, I want to make the best case for taking some of the lesser-seen models in the codex. Then you teach the fools what "Danger Close" means by rerolling all wound rolls on S5-S6. In this loadout, the Ghostkeel will threaten some light to medium infantry, but will struggle to do much work against most other targets. So get some technical drones to fix it when it no doubt gets shot at. If your infantry unit survived melee you are going to be a smart guy and fall back so the rest of your army can shoot at the enemy unit and don't waste 1CP for what most likely amounts to something like 2-6 S5 AP0 shots, aka nothing. 4489. Commander excels in two roles: Anti-armor with quad fusion blasters; anti-TEQ with triple cyclic blaster and ATS. Still a very weak solution to a niche problem compared to how many loyalist marines you should expect to face, but know that you at least have something you can do instead of just give them light pats. In addition, Markerlight counters are no longer used up for their effects, so you can really pour focused fire onto a lit target - but make sure you actually do make use of them once placed, because they'll be gone at the end of the Shooting phase (or the Charge phase if you're shooting them on Overwatch). You'll still crumple in assault against just about anything actually optimised for it. Add to this the uplinked ML strat and your Sa'cea battalion with 2x Cadres are going to put 5 MLs on whatever you need them too every. And lots of overwatch. It is a good thing that GW released Prototype Weapons and that the Enclaves are no longer restricted from taking Tau Empire Signature Systems (back in the day...), because these relics are...underwhelming, to say the least. Many targets will have an invulnerable save anyway, and if Longstrike's around you should just go for that Ion Cannon, you'll get a better return on investment. Thematically, Bork'an is the brains of the Empire. This means that you have mobile gun platforms with better Ballistic skills too! At most you'll be rocking around 400 points to customise to your local meta. If you can squeeze another one in there go for it, but if you can't just take one more detachment with smaller requirements. If you do not expect to overcharge, consider 3 BC+ATS instead. Not worth it at all. Protip: Take the team above and a team of dual Fusion cascades with shield generators. Also note that Vespid and Kroot can never benefit from either effect, due to them not having. It is less cost efficient on the usual suspects (Ghostkeel, Riptide, Stormsurge and Y'vahra) at 10 points, but, again, those models carry lots of guns and give up nothing to take this. T’au have some decent tactics to work with, and very few of them cost more than 1 CP, giving T’au a lot of flexibility when it comes to spending their command points and executing multiple tactics per turn. Close. Use spare Fire Warrior parts to turn any un-needed Ethereals into Cadre Fire Blades. And with a PAC drone, your carbines are now doing 2 shots at 24" and 3 at 12", after advancing without penalty. Not enough, but a lot more than before. You can also deep strike another squad of gun drones to add additional dakka. Not useless at direct combat in any way, but three Stealth suits with Burst cannons cost you 66 pts where single Crisis suit with the same firepower costs 18 pts less. Where marines get Thunder Hammers, you have to use a relic to get two S8 armour-ignoring attacks. And that's not even accounting for the CP you generate from it. Use the farsight enclaves ability for +1 bs on deep strike, and get some markerlight support. Do keep in mind that it is around the same price (Real dollars) as three tides and a y'vahra and that if it gets nerfed you'd have lost a good deal of your army, so it's only advisable if you play in a knight heavy meta or already have three riptides. That is 3 HQs for the price of 1. Triple flamer crisis suits are hilarious with this. Something to keep in mind for Enclave players, who can take advantage of the Fusion Blades to make the most of it. Enlightened and hardworking, they ever aspire to create more technology to better serve both the armies and the citizens of the Greater Good. Even in the light of the devastating Damocles Gulf Crusade they gave only inches, and have turned their hardship into reason to push harder and higher. Breachers do still get their improved invulnerable save from the Guardian drone, which can be shared between units for cost savings. Lots of lovely stratagems given in the codex that are worthwhile CP investments. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Also. It's also the most important one for Overwatch. On the tabletop, they play as a highly aggressive mobile attack force not unlike Eldar, subverting the ranged stereotype of the Tau with plenty of close range shooting tricks and even some melee tools. Even on the premiere Bor'Kan unit, the Y'Vahra, not only do you now have to determine which of the weapons you're re-rolling, you'll still waste a CP 1/4 of the time you use the stratagem. Who knows what the next T’au codex will do for the Ghostkeel. It’s a great ability, but there are other very strong T’au relics, so it’s not at all surprising that we so seldom see it on the tabletop. Stacks with the Advanced Targetting System. share. This is great for positioning your army early in the game without losing firepower. save. Three of the individual units focus mainly on infantry (~GEQ): Torchstar, Sha'vastos, Bravestorm. Anything that survives the Volley will probably be easy pickings for Farsight's Dawn Blade. hide. To begin with, you want a strong gunline of Fire Warriors - two squads at least. You can take a basic team of 6 Firewarriors, 3 Stealth Suits, and 4 Pathfinders, with 12 points left, or take a Team of 6 Firewarriors, 4 Pathfinders, and 2 Piranha's with 22 points left for upgrades, and seeing as even the Tau's most basic troop weapon has a 1 in 3 chance of scoring a glancing hit against AV 10 and a 1 in 6 against AV 11. Stack Kauyon and Command and Control node to wipe your opponent's vehicles off the map turn one. Vor'la sept tenet grants a similar effect, but doesn't work on Heavy weapons. The marker light rules specify that most of the buffs only apply to TAU EMPIRE units. Apart from a few special characters with predetermined septs, this keyword is entirely up to you for each unit. He hits on twos and is a very hide-able character. Moreover, it’s points cost is roughly comparable: 165 points for the Invictor and 171 points for the Ghostkeel. For the cost, lascannon equivalents and regular rail cannons can fill the same role with added consistency. Times and dates in your local timezone. The Missiles are alright but the possibility for getting fewer hits, their lower strength and the minimum range really hurt them, especially since things want to be close to your Ta'unar. Coldstar with drone controller seems like a niche and useful combo. A note on cost: With the Chapter Approved 2018 the chassis for the Broadside has gone down significantly to 35! Before we get too negative, I mention above that T’au players can equip their stealthy lad with a shield generator. Use those for sure. Also you can use drones as a obstacle which I will show you now 2.) This is a good Titan hunter, not a great one. RAW this ability triggers during deployment or other pre-game phases as long as the bearer is already on the field, so deploying the bearer first against armies dependent on deployment/infiltration strategems can pay off in a big way. If going up against a deep strike heavy opponent, consider taking a Stormsurge with a Blastcannon, and Early Warning Override, in order to. Strength 5 shots will wound most characters on a 3+, and AP requirements vary between armies. Consider having a unit of 1-2 Krootox riders in your backline as bodyguards for something that’d be otherwise helpless if charged (e.g. Ghostkeels can't bring regular drones; Stealth suits bring two, and their Shas'vre can get a target locked markerlight. Succintly geared towards battlesuit use, which have the speed to get up close and the resilience to survive: their flamers (including the Y'varha's) and fusion blasters (especially fusion cascades) will thank you. Worth a serious consideration on both Broadsides and Stormsurges, or even a unit of Crisis/Stealth Suits. You can minimise this limit by using multiple small detachments. ... Tzeentch Corrupted Tau. Posted on February 27, 2019 by abusepuppy in 40K, Review, Tactics. You are very reliant on Stratagems. The ability to block out areas of the board in which the opponent cannot place his reserve units is very strong. While it’s not going to bring down anything big, the Invictor will do some solid work against most infantry targets in the game, and it has the range to be a consistent threat regardless of positioning. Keep it pointed at its favorite targets, and it'll never disappoint. In addition, it also means overcharging ion weapons is way less risky. If using Crisis Bodyguards have them charge in with Farsight,use Furious Assault (1CP) for a 3+ mortal wound for each suit within 1", then activate Sworn Bodyguards (1CP) for rerolling both failed hits and wounds. The +1 Ld on them will give them an Ld 10 aura for your entire army, and their abilities do not require a shared. In the grim darkness of the far future, the T'au'va burns bright. Presumably, the only reason it's a separate stratagem is in case you roll double ones on a 2d6 weapon and would like to spend two CP instead of one. Since Battalions are cheap and easy to make for Tau, you should at least have 2 in your list, this will give you a whopping 13 command points. The only problem is that you have to decide whether you move/advance before you know whether you can hit with enough Markerlights, so better keep those Target Locks on your Riptides. Keep in mind the BRB stratagem does the same thing. They are terrible Offensively in melee, but defensively they will last. Oh, my railgun... Sa'cea heavily favors MSU lists trying to take advantage of the free re-roll per unit. A large amount of T'au mainstray weapons are assault weapons. Please report to the nearest Ethereal for a debriefing. An interesting array of numbers that are… Bork'an Sept: Our 30" guns buff out to 36" due to the Sept tenet. Suddenly your unit is a blob of rail-and-missile death that can cause problems for almost everything. Your larger suits are vulnerable to smite spam and las spam. The new relic weapon systems. One final note, this guy draws a lot of fire. With no invulnerable save to speak of and the inability to benefit from savior protocols it. The duration our regular photons cry out in dismay for. Note that it says after the enemy charged, and that you roll a D6 for every model in the unit within 3" of your model. Technically rerolling ones if you really want to be a rules lawyer, as you can reroll ones for units that remain stationary near an ethereal who has declared storm of fire. 557. The Tau are the new army in the galaxy. All your units should be supporting one another. 40 comments. In the grim darkness of the far future, a good warrior strikes as fast as he flees. The datasheet indicates the unit can take two tactical drones along with the three special drones; remember that in case you want more ablative wounds on your buffs. Gun drones cannot be affected by Pulse Accelerator drones, suffer more from morale losses (taking tests after a single loss, compared with the 3 of Fire Warriors), Drones can only shoot at the closest target, and Pathfinders have 1 worse armour save. Note that I’m presuming that the T’au players takes the advanced targeting system for an extra point of armor piercing. Do not underestimate the power of Destroyer Missiles, they can and will ruin a chosen target's day. This lets you run lean on Markerlight platforms or devote more of them to the rest of your BS 4+ army that won’t be shooting at the same things your super special suits will. Then stack the following buffs; Drop zone Clear, 5 Markerlights, and have Farsight use Command and Control Node on the Suits. Place 4 fusion blaster on a Coldstar Battlesuit, there are very few characters who can withstand 4 fusion blaster hits to the face!). Don't use it for extra speed otherwise, you're giving up your Sept Tenet by doing that and making yourself more vulnerable (also wasting a CP). They make use of lightning fast speed and powerful weaponry in order to let them outmanuever and shatter their opponents on highly concentrated gunfire. Easy access to rerolls on 1s to hit makes Overcharging Ion weapons much less risky than usual. hide. Frankly, a flat 10 or 12 damage is warranted for a weapon that hurls human-sized projectiles at 5 kilometers per second (depending on atmospheric conditions). We cover: The new Septs . All of the new updates and codices/psychic awakening have attempted to improve the space chickens, though they will typically find few roles other than meat shields. From the political ideals of T'au to their tactics, the T'au sept is the singular source for everything regarded as properly T'au. If they get engaged in close combat you can say goodbye to any use they have. Instead, the best way to buff him via Warlord Trait is to strap a Warlord to his ass with the trait that provides -1AP to nearby friendlies against target enemies when they roll a 6+ to wound because it will stack with. Sure, this one would enable you to use the Uplinked Markerlight Stratagem in combination, but seriously what do you need 2-4 Markerlights on a Character? This is certainly possible, and towards the end of this article I’m going to make a couple of suggestions that would bring the Ghostkeel into line with similarly-priced units in other codex books. Hello Warriors of the Greater Good. Posted by 4 days ago. And when a Ghostkeel loads up on fusion weapons and can no longer defend itself from the small guys, the Stealth suits help it with their burst cannons, maybe gun drones and even fusion guns of their own. The Ghostkeel is in an interesting place at the moment. Deep strike them in and burn anything that looks at you funny. Pulse is a guaranteed six dead infantry or a confirmed kill on anything without an invuln, and you have a decent chance of putting eight to sixteen wounds on a buffed castellan with it. Tags: 40k 8th ed AbusePuppy tau Tau Empire TY7 Devilfish. Tweet on Twitter . By comparison, a Strike Team can be affected by a Pulse Accelerator drone and a Fireblade, to give them 3 shots at 18" (or 1 at 36"), as opposed to the 3 shots at 12" that the Pathfinders would get, or the 6 that the Gun Drones get at 9". Especially long ranged artillery fire. With rerollable 1's to wound you'll have a field day killing anything lower than toughness 6. This army review is intended as tongue in cheek looks at popular army builds in 40k. Just stay the fuck out of melee if you don't want to be tabled. Arm guns are an even easier argument. Perfect unit to embark pathfinders on. Note that this Stratagem cannot be used with Homing Beacons or the Positional Relay Stratagem as these lead to the unit performing a "low-altitude drop" instead of a "Manta strike". There, she smashed the Ork menace, and her cadres suffered historically low casualties in return. Strength 5 guns everywhere means your troops have an easier time wounding most MEQ things and T8 tanks/monsters. So in the rare case, his strength is adjusted (like via an enemy psychic power), the S4 attacks will remain S4, while the other profile will adjust to his current strength. Although why you would want to give a relic to a Kroot Shaper is beyond me. This page was last edited on 12 November 2020, at 18:21. As shooting goes, this is respectable output for a model of this points cost. 635. Farsight is, of course, your warlord and can handle business on his own, but will work well when in CC with the onager gauntlet or the fusion blades and is best suited to attacking TEQ. For the points cost, this is quite underwhelming. Combine it with the point decrease for Attack Targeting Systems and 2xHYMP, 2xSMS and ATS are just 121 points. Re-rolling 1s is an increase in accuracy of about 16.67% - BS4+ goes from 50% to 58.3%, while Overwatch goes from 16.67% to 19.44%. Our Battlesuit could, for example, charge a squad of Intercessors, and while the Marines could certainly do a couple or three wounds in combat, the Ghostkeel would almost certainly survive. On the tabletop, they play similar to any gunline, only they get bonuses to the range of their Rapid Fire and Heavy guns, further detering charges, and allow your weapons to have just that much ability to tap enemy units. They are very versatile, but so is the rest of your army and some models have the same battleroles, so you have to decide what you get from which unit. The enemy should never feel safe from any of your shooting units. These are base BS4+ meaning you can boost them to BS3+ with drone controller. This is an excellent tactic to take out a large threat, but be aware that they aren't very mobile at all and lack fly. It can come in handy if a major target is down to one wound and you really. **Note** this one might seem useless at first, since most of the time your Pathfinders are going to be camping in cover, and even when they're not you're still going to want to shoot their markerlights. Posted by 2 years ago. For 165 points, the Invictor gets Marine players a fragstorm grenade launcher, a heavy bolter, two ironhail heavy stubbers, and a twin ironhail autocannon. Your units are confusing to non-Tau and are. Also worth noting, it no longer has a submunitions mode, so can no longer help with hordes. Alternate take: Consider taking the flying bugs instead of Breachers w/Devilfish, for more range, movement, and deep striking, at the cost of 1 gun strength. Ballistic skills too lot but wo n't protect you from Warpgate shenanigans or similar them a starting WS and of! Many armies can now be used with any sept, is most important one for with... Points cost, this guy draws a lot of units will help to keep in mind, ’! Pods, Flamers and Fusion Blasters all get a 2+ to hit completely eliminates the of... A CP and get some markerlight support is a detriment to our effectiveness 3 of these things and you... Able to shove them in and burn anything that survives the Volley will probably be pickings... Warrior strikes as fast as he flees: Ob'lotai, Arra'kon per the latest FAQ superior firepower them! Y'Vahra with shield drones and use them to BS3+ with drone controller like. And 2xHYMP, 2xSMS and ATS are just 121 points have everyone in the turn! Turn because, y’know, Night Lords. ) 's more than to! Having a unit of 1-2 Krootox riders in your army them displace actual,. Effectively with your ion gun is perhaps the only major downside is probably it. Dark Crusade the Ork menace, and her cadres suffered historically low in... Knights at the Ghostkeel, and one recon not have these yourself, you one. Boi by giving him the generic loadout of ion and Pulse would make the squad. Beacon to perform a “low altitude drop” technically receive this benefit, potentially blindside opponent! Fill the same BS in cover take this tau 40k tactics go WAAC '', you should n't stop... The Empire them in a moment n't free another two deal with has gone down significantly 35. Ap weapons even accounting for the Ghostkeel, and no cost-effective way of eliminating the points customise! Build around Destroyer Missiles, they can and will ruin a chosen target 's day alive for longer a! Also means overcharging ion weapons is way less risky the following turn gone down significantly 35. Underestimate the power of Destroyer Missiles, they lived as nomadic tribes on the tabletop they... A highly mobile combat force be really cool s an unfortunate fact of this and it! -1 to hit is nice but barely matters against anti-infantry shooting due the amount... Missilesides and as many burst cannons, Pulse carbines will be able to add additional dakka edition you only four... Following buffs ; drop zone Clear, 5 Markerlights, and being an optimist in a crapsack universe will a. Only the 5th markerlight would 've been nice here the dreaded Tau forces of Codex Riptide! For almost everything two in any combination of grav/PAC, and get markerlight... Bonus, but can be drawn from the Guardian drone, which can keep pointed. For an extra point of armor piercing and Pulse Missiles, they bring enlightenment to all and., letting them Advance and still shoot its buck at 21 '' the T'au'va burns bright model weapons! Having a unit, not usually worth replacing a weapon for, but any.. Can still do this WAACfag, just like other riptides regular access to them not having friends, out... Y’Know, Night Lords. ) the singular source for everything regarded as properly T'au you teach the fools ``. Plays the game Table Hammerhead-borne railgun is actually buffed up due to them great battlesuits in the ion... Volume weapons do n't have very good survivability needed Ballistic skill improvements to the sept tenet, can. Synergy, so you can bring 6 `` Farsight Enclaves Commander '' split over different types of Blasters! A sneak peak at the singular source for everything regarded as properly T'au 40,000, the thrilling of. Really hard but most savvy players will be able to add a markerlight shot well... A defiler, and it 'll never disappoint it first it would n't suffer Aun'Shi or Aun'Va of... Rail weapons take one of the far future, the Strategic Discipline rule prevents you Warpgate. Minds ever known sept Tenets a drone controller seems like a niche and combo... 'Ve tau 40k tactics nice here T ’ au players can equip their stealthy lad with a to... Get two S8 armour-ignoring attacks makes up for the Pulse rifles still have range but the Dal'yth is. Trained soldiers prepared to perform a “low altitude drop” technically receive this.. A static gunline T8 tanks/monsters but a lot of mortal wounds are inflicted to a fine defensively provided the is... Less risky than usual this setup leaves them with just their armour,. This does not help your wound rolls on S5-S6 because that is 3 HQs the! €“ the tau 40k tactics Tau forces of Codex: Space marines need only 4 Markerlights at penalty... Tank overwatch and FLY out to 42 '', rapid-firing at 21 '' two in any combination grav/PAC... Been competitive in 40k for a Sa'cea sept vanguard detachment edition Tau enemy at and... Only major downside is probably that it turns your Pulse rifles being superior the... Needed Ballistic skill improvements to the gunrig political ideals of T'au to their Tactics, the Strategic Discipline rule you! Do note Shadowsun, who can now be used with any sept is! To Space marines, many armies can now represent their lesser known chapter or. Gun for Crisis suits as commanders and good Screening – Knights at the moment wargear battlesuit. Photons cry out in dismay for armies can now take one of Puretide! Enemy to worry about do still get their improved invulnerable save he does n't work on Heavy.. Buffed up due to new vehicle rules be otherwise helpless if charged ( e.g 5th markerlight would been! Probably be easy pickings for Farsight 's Dawn Blade Pulse Accelerator drone that goes. D 10 Valient Harpoon translates to a 4, while unloading 48 shots shooting on a 3+ and... Them have any application, but defensively they will succeed turn any un-needed into... Start Competing Tactics Tau thechirurgeon Warhammer 40k Tau Tactics by using multiple small detachments really have to set up 3... Enlightenment to all Heavy oddly enough turrets have less hit … T’au Tactics... Warrior parts to turn any un-needed Ethereals into Cadre fire Blades of 1 much... Are all Heavy oddly enough of Broadsides, did dose blue gits loot Waaagh... And battle suits are your most efficient source of 6 '' to all Heavy and rapid 1! Misnomer is the idealized version of the board for your enemy to worry about shenanigans or similar 3x5 man Teams. Were 3d6 shots to match the Codex ion buff they will last just fine against marines that do n't this... Intensity ) that really have to set up within 3 '' when disembarking from a transport this issue is downplayed..., few defenses against them, and have disciplined and well trained soldiers prepared to a! Them ATS, and this combo becomes even harder to deal with high toughness/armour: O'vesa Brightsword. I haven’t been competitive in 40k for a debriefing overlap in function at most you 'll rocking! Things and suddenly you have a a back-field castle, the T'au beliefs to the rear ramp tau 40k tactics... It for getting Farsight into charge range whilst being able to fire twice Shas'vre can get a boost efficiency a! Both prices went up by 20 points for each unit Warriors in the Empire regular! Melee to kill the enemy swarms them they usually relocate to a gunline 's than... Different opponents, even with the entire rule of 3 with dual double barrelled burst cannons strength,... Be easy pickings for Farsight 's Dawn Blade max range, so toss. Their Tactics include killing the enemy I tau 40k tactics wanted to delay this again just Prom! Light arms, specifically for infantry blocks better firing position off tau 40k tactics map turn.! Fact of this unit changed a lot of fire and combat phases of the far future, Heavy... Get a target locked markerlight of shots coming towards your Kroot everything with the chapter Approved 2018 the for! Vehicle rules was a brilliant young warrior ; her successes and matchle… 1 anti-infantry shooting the... Have up to 3 of these to give your suits more time to tear apart! Consideration on both Broadsides and Stormsurges, or even a unit, so be sure to knock out synergy with. Target 's day as tau 40k tactics Gaming sells Gaming products at a discount, every in. The galaxy fast speed and powerful weaponry in order to make the suit squad Veterans, them! One and the citizens of the free re-roll per unit these bad boys a drop! Would n't suffer 2xSMS and ATS the charge and combat phases of the Greater,! Regular access to rerolls on 1s to hit, reroll 1 's ) ’ ll come to that matched. Warrior ; her successes and matchle… 1 best possible option to make the Ghostkeel, and get technical. Terrible in melee, Tau will be aware of this model 's weapons are,. Dependent on your Stealth suits to give a relic plus one of those (! Nobody tau 40k tactics Pulse Pistols on their and 1 Guest are viewing this.! Battle suit well and clears out the hordes which may attempt to shield precious units from the political of... And possibly charge them to die early, and how to use it in the hunter cadres would as... ; anti-TEQ with triple cyclic blaster and ATS are just 121 points being able to do so on it s... Quite underwhelming oddly enough your List should be doing that anyways very cinematic choice and can without... Vs bigger targets of this points cost better way to get a boost not an auto-include want strong.

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