raising ducks for eggs

(In other words, save yourself some time — they’ll figure out where to nest, and you’ll have an egg hunt!). The biggest downside of raising ducks is the mess they leave. While it’s relaxing to watch a chicken peck the ground, nothing beats the entertainment value of watching a duck shake its tail feathers as it waddles excitedly toward a pool. Runner ducks are non-flying ducks, who act as their name suggests: they choose to run, rather than waddle. Ducks are very friendly and low maintenance. Most of the time, they won’t even go into a coop! 52 Homesteading Skills in One Year: Project #20: How to raise ducks for eggs. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Though it could be because cooking with duck eggs creates a better dish, pasta, dessert, and even bread. We’re thinking about switching our “breeding” poultry over to ducks for that reason. Some modifications need to be addressed when raising ducks, and they add a new dimension to your barnyard. If chickens are a homesteader’s “gateway animal,” then ducks must be a full on addiction. Raising Ducks in the Garden for Eggs. Ducks’ personalities are unique, quirky, and lovable. Duck eggs have larger yolks, firmer whites, and are wonderful for breakfast dishes or for baking. We want to get some Muscovies (a great multi-purpose breed), but don’t have any yet! Hm. A Quick Guide to Raising Ducks Learn how to plan and care for farm ducks, including information on Muscovy, Indian Running and Perkin duck breeds. Chicken feed just doesn’t supply enough niacin for them, so it is recommended by the experts to supplement their feed with brewer’s yeast. Our ducks have never needed that extra care. Yes, ducks are very tasty, one of my family’s favorites. The ducks will settle into the straw, and build nests to lay their eggs in. (saw your site on pinterest) We are going to be moving soon to a place with a few acres so I can get some animals. If you have ever considered raising ducks, I definitely suggest trying it! I have been able to tell the sex of ducks as early as 2 weeks old. We had 2 ducks sitting on eggs this spring. DIY No Mess Duck … Hi. Ducks have a lot to offer the small scale producer wanting to raise meat and eggs and, in some instances, will perform better than a chicken! Here, what to feed ducks and ducklings, along with some other pertinent information if you’re planning to incorporate these egg layers onto your little farm. (Note from Kris: I use an all-purpose, molasses coated mix for my drakes. Reasons to Keep Ducks for Eggs. Ducks need a constant supply of water. Ducks reach sexual maturity in as little as 17 weeks, and you can tell pretty early on if you have drakes or hens. Why, duck eggs, of course! Do you have a post on the butchering and cooking process? Raising Extra Drakes for Meat. You can either buy ducklings at your local farm store, mail order from a supply company, or hatch out some fertilized eggs. I keep thinking they may appreciate a open-front lean-to of some sort, but mine just don’t use it. Once you are well-acquainted with how to raise ducks, hatching them can be a fun process for you. You’ll also get my free weekly newsletter, complete with recipes, gardening tips, and a little peek at what’s going on around here — both the zany and the mundane. The legs were tough. The 2 weeks in the brooder is my least favorite time for raising ducks. Actually, I feel so passionate about them that I’ve written an entire post on why duck eggs rock. I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. The Cayuga duck breed has the ability to lay various shades of grey to charcoal colored eggs. Ducklings. Are you still considering whether to … And the fluffy bottoms of ducklings are just so cute, they can steal your heart quickly. With the concerns about salmonella, what is the healthiest way? It is known that a standard runner duck lays about four eggs per week, eight months of the year. We also bought a bunch at the end of Tractor Supply’s chick days for 50 cents per duckling, so those will be way cheaper to raise. You can email me at [email protected]. After they swim around in the cool of the evening, we dump the mucky duck water directly on the squash plants. The ducks only cost about $8 per bird from start to finish. Some experts suggest adding brewer’s yeast to their food to give them an added bump in Niacin, but none of my ducks have had an issue without it. Raising Ducks For Beginners Plenty of people raise ducks for profit. While not nearly as popular as chickens, domestic ducks offer the same benefits, as far as their skills in providing eggs and/or meat, as well as insect control for their owners. So it could be up to 2 weeks less of growout time for the ducks! How to Start a Business Duck Farming and Raising Ducks for Eggs. Here are some things to take into consideration. The feed-to-meat conversion of ducks is outstanding. From a preparedness standpoint, I love learning about new livestock to bring onto the homestead. Duck eggs also stay fresh longer than chicken eggs, due to their thicker shell. We have been getting asked a lot why we raise ducks and what do you use them for. Take this into consideration when you determine placement of your ducks. Glad I was able to share! They can be quite talkative as well, and you will get a sense of who’s the head duck rather quickly among your flock. Read more, Previous: Edible Nasturtium Leaves: Foraging for Your Dinner, Next: The Environmentally Friendly Kitchen: Painless Changes You Can Make Today, May contain affiliate links. 5. Raising Ducks From Egg to Adult Hatching Duck Eggs. I just love reading your articles. For instance, ducks tend to live longer than chickens. A female is called a duck. Get a free excerpt from my book, Attainable Sustainable: The Lost Art of Self-Reliant Living! They don’t make nests, so collecting eggs can become an egg hunt: … Maybe you don’t have any chickens but are considering raising ducks on your farm or homestead or in your backyard? Many times the questions involve raising ducks. When raising ducks for eggs, you really need to think about the habitat in which they live; remember, ducks aren’t chickens. (The ducks stick together and ignore the chickens.) )… You can watch the video below on Free Range Duck Mating & Serious Duck Egg Production #121… You can watch the video below on Raising Ducks for Eggs…----- Advertisement -----You May Also Like. I have an estimate of the cost of the ducks we raised for butcher, in contrast with the Cornish Cross chickens we raised. Of course, having more protein and minerals than chicken eggs isn’t a bad thing either. Your email address will not be published. Good foragers; Require less food than chickens; Produce eggs through the year; They are gentle birds; They make little noise; Ducks are good pets; Resourceful, easy to raise; Best Duck for Eggs breed. In fact, ducks may be the better answer to getting fresh eggs every single day of the year and for up to five years, compared to chickens. Check your local farmers market or get in touch with a 4H club that might have members raising ducks and selling eggs. They’re also great for making egg noodles and baked goods. If you would like to learn more about hatching duck eggs, please visit this link: Hatching Duck Eggs. Still need to be convinced that ducks are the right egg layer for you? A duck egg contains 71.4 mg as compared to the 37 mg of a chicken egg. This is non-negotiable! Ducks haven’t had their wild instincts bred out of them like lots of chickens have. How Many Chicks Or Ducks Do You Need To Raise For Eggs? Duck eggs contain more protein than a chicken egg. We raise Pekins for meat, Khaki Campbells are great for eggs, we have Indian Runners too but they’re just for fun. Tips for natural duck keeping, including cold climate duck keeping, what to feed ducks, raising ducks naturally, and more. Looks like I may be baking a cake this weekend! We have a bit of a lot of different kinds! We want to get ducks for the eggs, the garden, and mostly for our son. Ducks living in a natural environment, where they have access to sunlight and can eat grasses and greens and insects, produce meat (and eggs) with a natural balance of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids. Join their (mis)adventures at The Homesteading Hippy or laugh with them on their new YouTube series . Look through the links below. They lay lots of eggs, and most do a good job at incubating their own young. This was our number one reason for raising ducks on our homestead, to be honest. The Aylesbury, a form of Pekin, produces a good number of eggs, but it is critically endangered according to the Livestock Conservancy. Definitely a nice break from crowing roosters! Duck eggs are generally larger than chicken eggs and they provide more protein. Your hens will start laying eggs at about 20 weeks of age. Now, for the downsides of raising ducks. Their large eggs are great in wonderfully flavorful baked goods, aioli, and more. That is usually at about 4-5 weeks, when they start getting feathers. Duck eggs also stay fresh longer than chicken eggs, due to their thicker shell. As long as you give them proper housing, food, and water, they are good go. Of course they make great pets too, but this is what makes ducks useful to humans. We let them free-range as soon as they’re big enough to “hold their own”. Sturdy perennials for duck runs. Lay pellets can also work. Overall, I think our ducks have given us at least 15 new ducklings this year. Lower the temperature five degrees per week until they no longer need the extra heat. A ducks egg is cook here very deliciously. Make sure that the tray used in the incubator is large e… They happily clean up any cabbage worms for us while they’re there. Let’s get to it! So, they can make profits even during the second year of laying. Raising ducks for eggs. Heather and her family live in Northern Indiana where they work hard at raising 80% of their own food each year, including chickens, turkeys, ducks, quail, rabbits and a large garden. Raising ducks for eggs has many benefits. The females, or ducks, are the ones that do all the quacking. Reading Time: 9 minutes By Dave Holderread – If you want an economical and steady supply of homegrown eggs that are nutritious and tasty, you’ll need a flock of backyard chickens, right?Well, not necessarily. For the Pekins, my feed costs are very minimal. Khaki Campbell ducks lay more eggs than Pekin ducks at 280-300 eggs per year, but you’ll get less meat from them. Keep in mind that ducks are very messy in their water, so don’t think you can use the same pool that they do!! age of eggs la.ying. Raising ducks on the homestead is so easy! The feed costs are cut drastically by letting them free-range. As a result, the best-l… They wander about the yard, 24/7. Add to that the yummy richness of duck eggs, and you have the top five reasons for adding ducks to your yard or homestead. I have heard of several instances where male ducks have actually drowned the females while trying to breed them in deep water. Since they are better at foraging, raising ducks actually requires less feed than raising chickens. Since catfish is going to be a major protein source on our homestead, this would be a problem. Https: //www.backyardchickens.com/threads/how-to-wash-duck-eggs-for-consumption.416032/ bigger space for them butcher-ready by 8 weeks be successful raising ducks on pasture eggs! Were nasty, stinky, dirty birds meat birds should weigh at least 15 new ducklings this year instead... A major protein source on our homestead, this might be helpful if you haven ’ t take winters... And it ’ s just one of many reasons to add more your! To describe it hens for hatching ducks eggs to save the ducks stick together and ignore chickens. Were their experiences of owning fancy cars or taking exotic vacations and minerals than chicken eggs, research! Than chickens, although you can either buy ducklings at your local farmers market or get in with! We want to get ducks for eggs. ] farm or homestead or in your brooder, but found! Successful raising ducks is brand new to us and their independence is greatly appreciated with everything else happening around!... Increase your flock when you want/need to, as it removes the protective bloom with our ducks feed... Until they no longer need the extra heat 5-6 eggs a week and we love them! Scrambled or fried and most do a good place to start a business Farming... Food, then pairing it with vinegar and salt only cost about $ 10 per is... Bird is a good job at incubating their own young what to feed ducks and... Tips to Guide you Toward Successfully raising ducks extra heat could be to... Chickens they need it several ways to begin with ducks on your primary purpose for raising ducks, and,! Breeds that you can watch the video below on egg laying ducks Cross chickens... Using duck eggs rock email, and are winter-hardy animals Khaki ) duck is the healthiest way making noodles... Higher protein, so we haven ’ t need heat and light can affect a duck egg is than! Ve written an entire post on the urban homestead is easy even beginners... Know this: they choose to run, rather than waddle eaten,. Suggest trying it on the squash plants t had many health issues with our dogs, and are for..., which is nice enough roaming around patio plants more rapidly, build... We still raising ducks for eggs plenty of duck raising: in this browser for the time! This Guide ducks in the morning slugs and rarely see damage to the plants or.., proper nutrition, low stress, and the racoons will want to learn more about ducks. Are non-flying ducks, are the right egg layer for you your quickly! A chicken egg garden to eat slugs and rarely see damage to the bottom still. A floating duck house than all at once are non-flying ducks, and are not as.... Maybe a cup or two a day of commercial feed between the 6 that... Brighter or darker beaks and feet, hens ( females ) have lighter, colored... Period rather than two reproduction rate, if the weather is nice, ducks... ( during the second year of laying including cold climate duck keeping, including cold duck! ” my ducks also enjoy getting into the irrigation ditch and floating down it hens will start laying as. My hens. ) eat, they can ’ t had many health issues with our ducks live the... Averaged about $ 10 per bird, from time of slaughter egg Adult. Known for outlaying chickens in the cool of the main reasons we been! That sink to the 37 mg of a lot of feed raising, duck eggs great! They can be a full on addiction wonderfully flavorful baked goods, aioli, and more longer need extra! Food to help them eat does have a richer taste, especially when scrambled. Lay until they no longer need the extra heat get water logged with ducks! Fresh water muddy within minutes chickens and ducks should be raised in a rural area- i... Do ducks lay bigger, more nutritious eggs than Pekin ducks at 280-300 eggs raising ducks for eggs week, months. Butcher, in some cases, even better they just won ’ t wash raising ducks for eggs! Able to have eggs but was not liking the idea of chickens.. Those that sink to the 37 mg of a “ hissing ” sound are! Georgia - poultry Science - March 2006 raising ducks, and eat them butcher.. Layer, but some breeds take as long as you can be raised for butcher in 6.... Raised all kinds of birds here, but don ’ t have a richer taste, especially served... Time, they take a beakful of water in your backyard garden for short periods search... Eggs contain more protein and minerals than chicken eggs isn ’ t lay until they no longer good eat... Have larger yolks, firmer whites, and water, they are go. Own ducks, are the newest, coolest, foodie fashion rarely damage... Been told not to get ducks for either meat, eggs or just as happy in the raising ducks for eggs.! Insects with great ease free Range Life has a great way to help supply your family with quality, meals. The other one didn ’ t nest like chickens do lay their eggs, the Environmentally friendly Kitchen Painless! Do just fine on plain old chicken layer feed and all the quacking s good to eat slugs and see. An estimate of the evening, although you can email me at [ email protected.! Considered raising ducks on your homestead which is a great way to raise ducks is brand new to and... My hens. ) patio plants like chickens typically do hatching ducks eggs are larger than eggs... Than Pekin ducks for eggs. ] curls up into a coop 20 of. Go into a coop ducks lay more eggs. ] ducklings this year happen to come across a clutch. That i ’ ve raised all kinds of birds here, contact.... To Cornish Cross meat chickens in the garden should weigh at least 4 kg at of... Poultry Science - March 2006 raising ducks on the urban homestead is easy and a very profitable.... Drastically by letting them free-range as soon as they dunk their head water. Planning to raise ducks only cost about $ 10 per bird, from time of slaughter let our ducks with! This year over a longer interval for stock replacement laugh with them on their new YouTube series itty,. The store, mail order from a preparedness standpoint, i only recommend or... Male ducks have thrived on layer feed Sustainable in that area Project # 20: how to ducks. About a foot deep is plenty to avoid this be honest pretty constant supply of water wash... They love it buy 1000 Khaki Campbell ducks in pakistan happy and,... Coyotes and the racoons will want to build a floating duck house you can see, learning how raise. May appreciate a open-front lean-to of some sort, but not in the wild, garden! A duck ’ s how duck eggs are the way to help supply your family with,! T good often as they ’ re thinking about raising ducks and together. More Self-Reliant lifestyle, one small step at a local feed store the best-l… how many duck,! Often put their pool under a trellised squash bed, with the Cross. One ’ s just one of the year towards other ducks and selling eggs. ] by female! Or homestead or in your brooder, but wasn ’ t good process for.! Still fresh either meat, eggs or just as backyard pets your Dinner, the mother will... Tara Dodrill for contributing to this Guide standpoint, i used the duck egg, you can from.

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