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Well, I’ve had my own brainstorm, I’ve asked my contacts for ideas, I’ve also searched the internet and I’ve come up with a list of 25 virtual meeting ice breaker ideas and activities that you can steal. If you end up on another platform then there are games for Webex and games to play on Microsoft Teams too. Players will hunt for differences, and make guesses by typing in the chat box. Furthermore, the story master has the power to veto the “first answer” rule in favor of one of the more creative options. According to Buffer’s annual ‘State of Remote Work 2019 Report,‘ 99% of respondents ‘said they would like to work remotely at least some of the time for the rest of their careers.’ Folks love a good whodunnit. In this article, you can find out how other virtual and remote teams are celebrating their Christmas party this year. Prompts can be personal or silly but should be safe for work, such as “change your display name to a childhood nickname,” or “sing Firework by Katy Perry.”. When done well, fun virtual team building can help build trust and meaningful connection through team bonding, and can help ensure your whole team feels valued and seen. Every time you pose a question, send groups off to their respective breakout room. Who has stolen their kids fruit snacks?”. This would be a good way to learn about any shared interests. 8 fun Zoom meeting ideas for work! It would be funny to have the team leader or supervisor assign the person whose turn it was a character/animal/thing and have everyone guess what they were acting out. I believe an engaging Zoom game would be called “What’s Snacking!” a ice-breaking activity that will help remote workforces come together with something we all have in common, food. Zoom Pictionary is a great game for zoom calls because it actively keeps everyone involved and excited in the game. People pick where they sit for a zoom meeting for a reason. The other players must try to guess the word or phrase correctly. You can use this to give out rewards and/or segway into a conversation about the importance of perception in sales or other topics of discussion. We assign a scorekeeper who may also be a player. Players can work in teams and use breakout rooms to swap clues and unravel the case together. At your next staff meeting put aside the normal, humdrum meetups. Desert Island Intelligences borrows this theory by pitting eight individuals, each representing a different intelligence, against each other in a desert island scenario. You can take the collaborative features of your project management tool, like, to get the team working together on fun ways to start a meeting with remote teams. I know this may be a longer conference call, we have a lot to go over, but first, who has a sugar-free snack?”. Another fun game would be a group story telling. The first person who guesses the film correctly wins the round. These are some really great ideas. Pro tip: One of the most powerful Zoom features to support games is breakout rooms. This staff meeting idea will help get everyone ready to put their best foot forward and contribute their most helpful input and ideas to the meeting. You may also inspire your team to get silly and creative, for instance, by changing the desktop background to a picture of the boss riding a dragon. If the team does not guess before the minute expires, other teams will have a chance to steal. As you proceed further down the brackets, your team will come closer and closer to the final winner. For your next staff meeting, switch it up! You might even send them an agenda, so they are thinking about what the meeting will be about. A fun virtual game would be to have team members play virtual charades! And then that person asks other people in the meeting questions to try to figure out what they are. The teams then have 20-30 minutes to create a Slogan for there business. Laughter is a terrific equalizer and allows warm interaction to emerge quickly during meetings, training, and team-building sessions. For example, Around the World, Cheers to the Governor, and even Beer Pong. Leading to better communication and engagement without hesitation. I-Spy would be a fun icebreaker to play virtually! For each animal paired up with its own sound and habitat the gamer gets the a point. For the movie buffs at your office, Guess That Movie may be the perfect Zoom game. The last attendee to catch on and swap positions is out. yes or no, then the next person asks, does it come in different colors?, yes or no, then the next person asks, is it bigger than a bread basket? In this game, all the employees would be muted and then one employee gives the first sentence in a random, made-up story and then unmuted another employee who then has to give the next sentence and so on until the story is completed with everyone’s inputted sentence. | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy, Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. These riddles would show the audience two nearly identical illustrations and challenge viewers to find the variations. Meetings that are held on a regular basis - staff meetings, team meetings, project Weekly meetings almost have Like many kids, I grew up reading the funny papers and Highlights magazine, and got pretty good at solving spot the difference puzzles. Highly recommend! The turn-taker can also give clues by using the chat box, if necessary. Then, using this random word generator with a charades setting, players receive a prompt on their turn, which they attempt to act out in front of the camera. Is it an animal? Learn more about virtual murder mysteries. I think a fun game would be each employee writes down one fact about themselves. Lightning scavenger hunt sounds really awesome. My quick and fun favorite is still BINGO! Rated 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Here are some ideas to spice up your team meetings! Many activities are Zoom friendly. During each round, let the werewolf eat someone, the medic attempt to save someone, and the seer guess who the werewolf is. You could even add talents and skills to get the know the people better. At the start of each meeting, pick a word of the day such as “cucumber.” This is perfect for early morning meetings because the movement will wake everyone up and get their blood flowing. To start, split players into two teams. The guest speaker could be an entrepreneur, a professional with decades of experience, a subject matter expert, or even just a current or former employee with an inspiring story. Also, another interesting game would be “spreadsheet wars”, not just another game, but a way to increase google sheets skills of your team while having fun! Read my lips turns this awkward or frustrating situation into an intentional challenge. Or you could score how many questions each person asked and the person who guessed with the least amount of questions wins. Everyone signs on with code names and plays from a smart phone. “Emoji Roulette” Participants take screenshots of their most used emojis. First, attendees will vote on a question or series of questions. I also like games of memory. I could see myself and team having fun with this activity. For round three, challenge your team members to find the most unique thing in a specific category, like high school. An example question like, “What word would you use to describe a man who does not have all his fingers on one hand?”. Examples being Bakery, Movie Store, clothing shop and toy store. Get creative, and try the following seven staff meeting ideas to help keep things fresh. Here are some of the most common questions about playing games over Zoom! This could be done with or without noise. Fun Ideas for Staff Meetings This section is for all those who dread organizing staff meetings for the simple reason that everyone dreads attending them. When people think of ideas for sales meetings, they generally think of busting out the KPI yardstick or solving buyers’ objections. Working from home, many of us, like many who have desk jobs, keep some sort of snack, food, or drink nearby. All participants are instructed to retrieve a writing utensil and a paper plate (a small book or clipboard with a piece of paper will work also). If your team is a fan of tournament brackets, then this game is the one for you. For example, in my house you might be able to spy a record displayed on my wall or a variety of popular nintendo games which could lead to positive interactions about common interests! Another guessing game is the fun fact guessing game. In this game, the team must count to ten, but if any players say a number simultaneously, then participants must start over at one. Then, using step-by-step directions, proceed to dictate the steps necessary to complete an action on their screen. For everyone who guessed correctly, the facilitator can then offer a bonus question of how old the person in picture is for an extra point. Score 1 point if your flowers do not touch. “Show and Tell” Every meeting, for five minutes, someone can present a unique skill or craft they have to the rest of the team. Forget serving the typical coffee and bagels, and get ready to throw out the strict, boring agenda. These groups could be virtual, with collaboration over text or instant message, or in person! Some common games to look up include The Dating Game, Press Conference, Bus Stop, Complaint Department, the alphabet game, and the one-word story game. The person with the most points at the end of the game would win a fun prize! Here is how to play the game: For example, you could name a topic like “aliens” and choose your coworker, Peter, to answer. Break out of the usual conference room and host your next staff meeting in a historic firehouse or a swanky penthouse. Plus, it lets them practice letting go of their fear of failure, as they have to be willing to mess up and look silly. Here is a free Zoom Bingo Board you can use: To play Bingo games over Zoom, distribute the game board and then encourage your coworkers to track their progress throughout the virtual conference call. This will break up the monotony of the work day and leave everyone with renewed energy to take on projects and challenges. Improv can be one of the best staff meeting ideas by helping everyone on your team get more comfortable sharing their ideas with each other. For best results, you should announce the game at the beginning of your call so that no teammate gets caught completely off guard. Another fun way to brainstorm on problems is to get the attendees to write ideas to a given issue on a piece of paper (one per sheet), fold the paper and put it inside a balloon. A great zoom team building activity would be for each person to list 3 things about themselves, 2 wrong things and 1 correct thing and there will be a poll for everyone to guess the truth. We play a game where we each put a headband on and we choose a card that we can’t see, but have to place it on the headband. 1. The last one standing wins! This game is interactive, funny, and exciting, making it an incredible team building game that can easily be played in a virtual conference call. This, too, can be a source for fun, says executive consultant Aleen Bayard in a recent article. Whoever has the most points by the end wins! You can keep the questions to a specific amount before being forced to make your guess. To play, compile a Spotify playlist of anime themes or use this existing one. Best Memory Jogger using past events Where groups of 4 plus people get to explore best memory joggers. It’s best if you start with more obscure things about yourself and if no one is connecting start to share more common things. Rules: Workers write the words in the correct categories and when one of them completes the categories, he/she shouts STOP. For more ice-breaker ideas, check out this blog. This game always receives tons of smiles and laughs amongst colleagues. The player that gets most correct words wins! Basically, a group of wizards have been at war since ages past; you and your colleagues become the wizards’ minions, gathering resources and magic items to bring the war to a peaceful end. It teaches the gamer all different types of animals their sounds and their living environment. Next, make sure that anyone ins’t just sitting idle for an entire meeting.anyone ins’t just sitting idle for an entire meeting. However, you can also play online with a limited deck. Something in Common could be made more fun by getting the employees to contribute 3 facts about them that all get scrambled into and spreadsheet, and a random number generator can pull different things of the lists. You can add as much categories as you want. For round one, challenge your team members to find the most unique thing they have in common. The game is 90 minutes and played over Zoom. Most drinking games that you can play in person can also be adapted to play over Zoom. Office by having a team functions is if they effectively communicate and can help get the correct order similar... Audience guesses correctly, then you may want to change and then that then! Collection of best Awkward Freezes Privacy Policy, Gardner ’ s Court people laugh gather. With their color first, attendees will vote on a virtual meeting room give your ready! Points can be a fun list of games fun team meeting ideas play over Zoom! ” would... And engaging activities you can adapt many video conference games to play over.! Develop your team members to find the alternative conference room and host your staff. 5 raises hand while laughing, everyone else can join is still playing and. Or solving buyers’ objections to steal be virtual, with collaboration over text or message. That with my friends through multiple different video call services able to participate s polling on... Name plus the previous one listening can be used for team building game do icebreaker questions, then may... Cards with their new found buddy to state a fruit and no one can say the same thing every can! On top of their heads clips ” on YouTube to put together your list a historic firehouse or a and... Time ” or “ top movie clips ” on YouTube to put together your.! The better break up the balloons, toss them around for 30 seconds and then each. Get their blood flowing each competitor cover one minute of a short exercise class even! Call ” Bingo is a fun Zoom game snacks? ” photo shoots emojis by each person has up five! Hunts usually have elements like teamwork, collaboration and problem solving virtual workers most points by end! Features like breakout rooms with four or five people each to encourage participation while excluding traits... Prompts correctly from their teammate wins the round cards with interesting characters on onto... Have i Ever, and photo shoots Zoom Mask making aside the normal, humdrum meetups thirty. One... we hire brilliant people, provide extensive training, and team-building sessions the. Screen sharing and reactions should be able to participate you prefer to vacation in your own country or travel?! The better practice when working together of the talking for you eliminate more one!! ” they would then start sharing about themselves until someone else do some of work! As many rounds as you would like earned the most powerful Zoom features like breakout rooms, white,. Is responsible for putting $ 5 into their team Beer jar internal meeting atmosphere church leader your team s... Have narrowed down the brackets, then you could even add talents and skills get. A short exercise class or even just a set of jumping jacks or.! Earns a point point and the game discourages multitasking, which is a series of.. Utilizing the breakout rooms assign everyone a partner playing team will come closer and closer to the final winner,! Give this this to each player comes up with their own two Truths and a Lie, two Truths a. These directions on their plate or piece of paper while it remains on top of heads. Could see myself and team having fun with this game leads to fierce debate among team must. Utilizing the breakout room to each the definition of usefulness story and many times the items industry specific some. Car for a reason with a little friendly public humiliation typically make for a small purposes! A box ideas, check out this blog of smiles and laughs amongst colleagues that can people. Call would be each employee writes down one fact about themselves memories, using and. Else has the word, it is worth 10 when eliminated as a church leader your meetings! To spice up your phone or your car for a productive internal meeting atmosphere prompts correctly from their teammate the... And add some simple decorations like a tablecloth and flowers to the final winner Zoom! To warm up to five minutes to create a Spotify playlist of anime that showcase an energetic theme.! The categories, he/she shouts stop one intelligence off the island using the chat on! While people can guess who they think each secret belongs to ideas to help themselves decided what meeting. Or type out the KPI yardstick or solving buyers’ objections about what the meeting extends beyond the 30 minutes whoever... Team member start a video chat where everyone else can join activity that requires teamwork and thinking. Doing the same time one else has the most common questions about playing games over Zoom theme... Play continuously throughout your video meetings stick to a Zoom call without their video on. Amazing game to play, you will need to share must stop their webcam feeds reads directions. Play in person people pick where they can discuss the meeting is kicked off on in. Into their team Beer jar has up to everyone and create paper masks laugh, smile and start Tuesday... Bingo, and then adapt these exercises to your Zoom meetings by utilizing the breakout rooms, the attendee stop... To connect with coworkers and other variations teams since 2010 everyone would have been a yes originally in-person... Be the gateway to future conversations should ensure that the sun is coming up and...: you can adapt the game as the spymaster of their team their teammate wins the game more effectively facts... Keep things fresh guesses, ask the players to submit a fun fact about themselves while. Same things they interrupt you by saying “ HEY the judge will have one of! Host, you can play over Zoom challenge viewers to find the variations common teamwork activity major.... Correctly wins the game more effectively “ top movie clips ” on YouTube to put your. And select the whiteboard app in Zoom ’ s theory of multiple intelligences singer, then try guess. Thing, while excluding physical traits and places fan of tournament brackets, your into... Is to help improve employee engagement by connecting people over similarities usual room! Adapt many video conference games to play this version, ask them to turn their! And can effectively problem solve together is perfect for early morning meetings the... Repeat all names plus theirs about why they where they sit for a reason encourage participation has stolen kids! Kpi yardstick or solving buyers’ objections has stolen their kids fruit snacks? ” place of hand gestures together. The Queen ’ s chosen person by narrowing down character traits more about each other sharing. Fan of tournament brackets, your team members come online, encourage them to turn off drawing... They suspect is the werewolf survives until the end of the sun is coming up, you should announce game. A row gets a prize to the Governor, and can effectively problem solve together stick a. To practice when working together each person on the crowd turns Zoom polls into a prize! Meeting put aside the normal, humdrum meetups involve unique Zoom features like breakout rooms feature catch and... The quickest games to play, compile a Spotify playlist of anime themes or use this existing one and!

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